Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Friday, 27 April 2007

Namche [Day 16]


I have another great night sleep - from about 2045hrs right through to 0530hrs. I have a good wash, but then struggle as to what to put on. The majority of my stuff is filthy and smelly. I might enquire how much the laundry costs and how long it takes. I intend to walk into Namche today, have a good sort out of my holdall and perhaps have a shave and shower. Otherwise I'll just chill out.

I shall need to make sure I have everything packed and ready for my trek up to Tengboche tomorrow. I hope it all fits in my 35 litre sack. A breakfast of porridge, omelette on toast, a hot chocolate and hot lemon - yum. It is great to have my appetite back.

I wander down the hill into Namche - visit a number of shops and buy a scarf to keep the sun off my neck tomorrow... and a couple of mini karabiners, one for a safety loop on my camera bag and the other to fasten my water bottle to my rucksack.

Exploring the village, I manage to get a great photo of a little child peeking out of a doorway at me. There was no-one to ask if I could snap the picture (as I would normally do), so I just clicked the shutter. It is quite cool this morning, but the temperature is just starting to rise... it is 1015hrs. I am looking forward to my planned walk tomorrow. I must remember to take my room key with me so that the porters don't mistakenly take my holdall as one of Trek G's.

Inquisitive child

Entrance to Namche

Wash time

Returning to the lodge I ask for a bowl of hot water to shave off my beard. It takes two shaves to clear all the growth and I feel human again - bliss. Sitting here writing my diary, the flies are buzzing in through the window attracted by the soiled toilet tissue in the bin beside the loo. I have denied them access by shutting the door of the en-suite - damned annoying things. I decide to go outside and sit at the front of the lodge in the sun to read my book, but the wind is really quite cold and it soon has me scurrying inside again.

To keep myself mobile for tomorrow I decide to walk a way up the trail to the Norgay Tenzing Chorten. This is located in a fantastic spot with a clear view right up to the Everest range. Looking the other way one can see right down the valley towards Lukla. Magnificent. Some idiot has tried to deface the commemorative plate - goodness knows why.

Route to Tenzing Norgay Chorten

Great view of the Everest range

I manage to speak to a couple more people from Trek G today. I tell them about my walk to Thamo and how delightful it was. Some choose to follow my route and go out on an acclimatisation walk. On their return they seek me out to thank me as they had really enjoyed the trip.

I have a couple of games of pool by myself - and bored, wander back into Namche again to take yet more photos of village life in Nepal. I buy another litre of water and manage to buy a Mars Bar too. On the walk back up to the lodge, I decide to call at an internet café to send my final email to my wife before returning to Kathmandu. This one has a fast satellite link, yet was still cheaper than the connection at the lodge. I wish I had known about this before!

I am now sitting in the dining room drinking hot chocolate and eating two ginger biscuits writing my diary - not bad eh. Two chaps opposite from me (Trek G), have brought out two mini radio-controlled helicopters. The intention is to fly them at each acclimatisation stop and see what the effects of altitude are on lift. The machines buzzed around the ceiling before crashing into each other and spiralling to the floor. What a laugh.

The young Nepali woman serving afternoon drinks sees me sitting alone and brings me a handful of her cashew nuts to shell and eat. What a nice gesture - even though they don't have a lot, they are still prepared to share their meagre possessions. A lovely, lovely people, the Nepalis. After dinner, I am quite tired and decide to go to bed at 2000hrs.

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