Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Thursday, 12 April 2007

Kathmandu [Day 1]

Summit Hotel (1,308 metres)

We arrive at Kathmandu (The Summit Hotel), absolutely shattered after a very long journey. I didn't enjoy the meal on the plane as it was quite spicy and kept repeating on me. I seem to have an acidic stomach... which really shouldn't come as a surprise since I suffered from erosion of the stomach wall many years ago.

Welcome at Summit Hotel

I have lunch at the hotel - a quick snack and copious amounts of tea - and am now going into Kathmandu to take some photos. I wish my wife were here with me to share in this experience.

Testing tomorrow, then a flight to Lukla. Meanwhile, I manage to exchange some US$ for Rupees so all is OK for now. I'm sure I will sleep well tonight.


We book a taxi into Kathmandu and during the afternoon, tour the city. It is so noisy and pollution hangs like a London smog of old. A migraine-type headache develops over my left eye, making me feel quite nauseous. This is a worry as I have suffered from migraines occasionally and this is the last thing I want to have on the trek.

Selling wares
Typical street scene

During the evening briefing, I am constantly rubbing my head trying to ease the pain. Great, I've only been here two minutes and I'm already feeling ill. I take 2 x 500mg of paracetamol about 1900hrs with plenty of water. I wake at 2055hrs and the pain is still there, but slightly dulled by the medication. I aim to continue with the intake of fluid and just hope the pain will be gone tomorrow morning.

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