Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Sunday, 8 April 2007

Last minute


It has been a busy week. Why is it that I feel I need to get all my outstanding jobs completed before going off for Everest? Strange... but that is what I am doing.

My sponsorship towards the £500 donation towards the medical research costs has almost been collected. My friends have been very generous, as have the neighbours and the staff at the local Co-op. I have recouped almost £400. At the 'Bull & Chain Gang' drink the other night, my mates presented me with a 'Good Luck' card and a pewter hip flask, inscribed with "Geoff - Everest 2007". How nice was that? It came as a complete surprise and I was really touched by this gesture.

I have packed, repacked and packed again. My final solution was to pack everything individually in clear plastic bags so that I can identify the contents. It also helped me get everything into the Xtreme-Everest holdall that was supplied. I think I am now finally ready to depart.

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