Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Monday, 16 April 2007

Namche [Day 5]


The throbbing focal headache just above my left eye stops me sleeping properly during the night. I toss and turn... probably doze, but don't get the deep sleep I am seeking. On the positive side though, I am lovely and warm in my new 4-season Mountain Equipment sleeping bag (Iceline 950).

As I am awake early, I meet up with Llakpa at 0500hrs and wander over to the viewing point with him. I manage to take quite a few photos as the sun comes up on the Everest range - amazing.

Fortunately I feel quite well this morning - no headache and quite energetic. However, when I use the loo my motion is a little eager to leave me. I do hope this doesn't become an additional problem to worry about, as some people are already suffering from D & V!

Everest Range

As part of the acclimatisation schedule, our trek leader arranges for us to walk out towards Thamo (3,493 metres). A lovely wander through rhododendron forests along a trail following the contours of the mountain. I take some photos of beautiful blue mountain iris.

Mountain Iris
Acclimatisation walk towards Thamo
Toilet facilities - with the river far below

I manage to get on the internet this afternoon, but some bad news awaits. My mum had been rushed into hospital for an emergency operation to have an abscess removed from her bowel. She is not in the best of health anyway, but the good news is that she has pulled through. This puts my headaches into perspective.

I am over-charged sending my latest email today. Despite only being online for 20 minutes, I pay 1100NR (about £8) - about £6 too much. Never mind, it will go to a good cause - the Nepali people.

Namche Bazaar - Hotel Sherwi Khangwa (top LH side)

Rather depressingly, my headache returns with a vengeance this afternoon. I go to bed early, but there is no change. I take 1,000mg of paracetamol at 1200hrs, then again at 1600hrs... but the pain iss still there at 1915hrs. I hope it goes overnight, especially as I have my tests tomorrow.

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