Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Tuesday, 10 April 2007



It is almost time to go. I have completed all my jobs around the cottage, I have said my farewells to the neighbours, collected the last of my sponsorship forms - all I have to do is get washed, changed and go to my son's house so that he can run me to Heathrow.

I am going to miss my lovely family. My darling wife who I love so much, you are the centre of my universe and always will be. My fantastic son, just like a best mate. I admire the way you have been so mature throughout the difficult last 12 months. My gorgeous daughter, who I adore. You are so similar to me in a lot of ways - that bold front that covers an inner insecurity. You have coped admirably with your own difficulties lately. I am so proud of the adults you have both become. Thank you all for supporting me in this venture - I love you for your encouragement - you too must push your personal boundaries to achieve what you want in life. Meanwhile, I don't want you to worry whilst I'm away. Look after each other - it is important to pull together, being the close family we are.

To pick up a saying from a famous actor "I'll be back". See you on the 3rd May!

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