Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Namche [Day 6]

Headaches persist

Whoohoo, I have a great sleep, only broken by the need to go to the loo. I did take a preventative 1,000mg of paracetamol extra at 1930hrs last night and this finally stopped the throbbing, enabling me to get to sleep. I am just completing the tests this morning and feel OK, apart from a very slight ache above my left eye indicating the headache will probably return.

My results for today are: Resting: O2 86; HR 64; BR 9.  BP 132/83; 141/90; 137/79.  After exercise: O286; HR 148; BR 14.

As the headaches are recurring regularly I decide to speak to the trek leader. I tell her about my history of sinusitis, occasional debilitating migraines and use of Beconase as a relief. She therefore decides to refer me to Professor Monty Mythen who will have a word with me during my CPX testing.

Speaking with Monty later, he is very empathetic and listens carefully to what I have to say. He suggests I visit Namche Pharmacy to purchase some Beconase (as this is something I am familiar with, but he doesn't have in stock). He asks me to speak with the duty doctor (Gola) to get this consultation recorded on the Xtreme-Everest records, which I also do.

The testing goes smoothly - although the pupil reaction test, spirometry test, blood samples and neurological tests are all 'off plan', not as per timetable at all. The CPX exercise bike tests are as scheduled though.

Ready to commence CPX testing (photo courtesy of Ralf)

Completing the 'Ramp Test', the headache returns - why is it that exercise seems to aggravate this? I take 1,000mg paracetamol at 1230hrs, hoping for the best. I have to take a further 1,000mg paracetamol extra at 1415hrs. I'm getting really fed up of this nagging pain.

I walk down the hill into Namche this afternoon and locate what I think is the Pharmacy, only to find out it is a General Store and doesn't have the drugs I need. The owner tells her young daughter to take me to the pharmacy, where I discover it is her sister that runs the business. I explaine what I want.

I buy Codeine (as the Paracetamol Extra seems to work better than normal Paracetamol... and the extra ingredient is Codeine). I also purchase Decomit (a nasal spray with similar content to Beconase... or so the Pharmacist says). I also buy a strip of Sinex tablets.

Shops in 'downtown' Namche

The long walk back up the hill of Namche is a tedious climb. The numerous steps at altitude drain you of any energy at all, so one ends up plodding ever slowly upwards. Steadiness seems to be the key, with frequent stops to recharge the batteries.

Wandering around the back pathways of Namche brings into view many images... a daughter combing her mother's hair... a group of lads gambling using coins for the game.

I arrive back at the lodge at 1615hrs, I take one tablet of Sinex and two squirts of Decomit. Another two squirts of Decomit are ingested at 2030hrs.

I feel like an addict popping pills and snorting medication like this.

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