Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Friday, 30 March 2007

Aches and pains


For the last couple of days I have had aches in my hip and lower back. I just hope this isn't a problem starting to arise in my back just in readiness for going trekking in the Himalaya. I tried doing my old exercises this morning to free up my spine. I think I will also have a hot bath as well. I must get this sorted before I fly out to Kathmandu.

I am going to recheck all my kit for Everest today, just to make sure I have everything and that I am under the 20kg weight limit for hold baggage. I have decided on taking a few extra items. For example, my Dictaphone to keep a diary on tape. This might be easier than writing a notebook - I also intend to capture the sounds of Nepal, to add to the many photos I intend to take.

Now I'm getting nearer the time for departure, it is bringing home just how much I'm going to miss my darling wife and family. Three weeks is a long time to be out of contact with them and I don't know how I will fare. It will probably be harder for my wife as she will be on her own, but I expect the kids will rally around to keep her company.

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