Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

All change

Flight Times

Not a good start to the day.  I opened the post to find that my old ISP provider was going to pass arrears to a debt collection agency... the second letter was to tell me my flight times had changed for my Everest trek. Great.

The matter regarding my flight times was really inconvenient.  The pre-booked domestic flight was now of no use and had to be cancelled incurring a loss of £50.  I couldn't see why I had to pick this up and spoke to our trek provider to seek some form of recompense. I was asked to provide written evidence and they would see what they could do. I am not very optimistic.

I now need to seek alternative travel arrangements to get me to Heathrow for say 0600hrs in the morning. A tall order if I'm not to stay overnight. My son then offered to drive me down, although I am a little concerned over the distance for him. That said, I suppose we can share the driving and his wife will hopefully assist on the return journey to give him a break. This is a generous offer that I can't refuse... it also means the family can wave me off.

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