Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Loose tooth


Deciding to have my teeth checked before travelling to Nepal, I was x-rayed and told there were fillings necessary. Funny though as there has been no discomfort to date. From time to time my gum has been a little sore, but I didn't connect this with a potential filling. However, I am now back at home, having had two fillings on Monday... and now I do have discomfort... also one of the teeth filled wobbles in its socket.

The dentist was very rough when drilling out the old amalgam, probably the roughest treatment I have ever had. I know, as I never have injections and can compare exactly how gentle they are when giving treatment. Though it did seem a very deep cavity. The two teeth took about four refills of the amalgam tool - she might have been better using a concrete mixer.

So what do I do now? I have telephoned the receptionist who is going to speak with the dentist concerned. Unfortunately though, she has no appointments for weeks, so I will have to phone to obtain an emergency appointment. The receptionist took my telephone number and will get back to me if something can be done on a regular appointment. I won't expect to pay for remedial treatment though, so I hope they don't try charging me again.

I carried out a test pack of my Jagged Globe holdall yesterday and everything fits in - and well within the weight restriction as well. Thank goodness. I was worried I might have to leave stuff behind. I am frightened that I might forget something, so have been meticulous it preparing lists and making sure I have everything I might need. I am slightly worried my bag might go missing on the domestic flight to Heathrow, but this is just an irrational fear and I shouldn't let it dominate my mind. I still have some small items to pack... but these are major in their importance... toilet roll for example. I mustn't forget these!

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