Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Tuesday, 28 November 2006



One of my fingers on my right hand is badly infected. So much so I am going to have to resort to a doctor's visit to get some antibiotics. It is angry, inflamed and quite swollen at the top... the redness is starting to spread down the finger and around the front. It is also very painful. I just hope he doesn't want to lance it. Not that I'm a wimp, but there isn't any yellow pus to be seen - it is just bright red and hot, where my own antibodies are trying to fight the infection.

What caused it? Well it could be a number of things. Ruby (my Jack Russell) has bitten it and punctured the skin. I have also had a blackthorn embedded in it which I dug out with a needle - that wasn't sterilised. I have also had my hands in the pond to clear the filters out when there was initial damage to the skin. To top it all I then immersed it in very hot water to try and force the infection to the surface. I suppose I had better tell the doctor everything so he can make his diagnosis and treat me accordingly. Ah well, the worst that can happen is that I lose the finger... and then I'll look like Dave Allen the comedian.

Whilst I'm at the doctors I may as well ask his advice regarding my inoculations for the Everest trip. I also need to order a stock of antibiotics for any upper respiratory ailments and for bacterial diarrhoea. I presume he will prescribe these. There is not much more to organise now for the trip. I have to get my Nepalese Visa, put together my First Aid kit, go for my sea-level tests and attend the introductory weekend... oh yes, and pay the balance of the cost.

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