Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Thursday, 16 November 2006

Eye protection


I have spent the morning corresponding between The Specs Place on the web and my local opticians. All to try and negotiate a best price for my new Rudy Project spectacles.  My optician has quoted £280 for a Rudy Project Kabrio Titanium frame with Lazer Black flip up sunglasses, with Essilar AS Stylis 1.67 Crizal coated lenses.  The Specs Place has quoted £220.  This is a £60 saving that I can ill-afford to ignore.  I have left this final quote with my opticians to see if they can meet the price.  I would like to remain loyal to them if possible, but competition on price is starting to make this more and more difficult.  I can see I will end up ordering from The Specs Place.

I have also been in touch with the lady at Global Positioning Systems regarding the delivery of my Etrex Legend C.  Unfortunately, there is no prospect of getting a replacement for the model that was mislaid by the carrier as it is now discontinued.  I have therefore suggested they supply me with an Etrex Summit (£149.95) for the amount I have already paid to them (£129.95) as a measure of goodwill and for the inconvenience caused.  She said she would need to check with her Product Manager to see what the profit margins were to see if this could be done and will phone me back this afternoon with an answer.  Failing an agreement on this I have asked for my credit card to be reimbursed with the initial outlay.

I have just received a telephone call from my local optician - they have agreed to supply my Rudy Project specs for £220 and match the price of The Specs Place.  Brilliant - just shows what can be done if you persevere with negotiation.  A Win/Win situation all round there I think.  They still get the sale and a customer who will stay with them, and I get a good deal.  Let's see what happens with the GPS this afternoon now.

Well... I suppose it was just too much to ask for it all to work out.  GPS will not do a deal so have refunded my money.  Ah well it was worth a try.  Looking on eBay though, there is a couple of the Summit models for sale that might be worth a shot.  We'll see.  I do believe things happen for a reason, so no point getting worked up over issues.

Rudy Project glasses with sun visors

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