Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Monday, 8 January 2007

Local publicity

Lincolnshire Echo

It seems the local paper might be interested in doing an article on my involvement with the Xtreme-Everest trek. My mate had emailed a reporter he knows, copying them in on the Channel 4 news item, and they seemed interested.

Having been misrepresented in an internal Civil Service magazine many years ago, it has left me a wary of all reporters... particularly with them putting a 'spin' on things to make the article more newsworthy. I would prefer to only give permission for something to be printed if I could have sight of the article first and 'sign it off'. This is not how newspapers work though.

Anyway, I told my mate to give the reporter my name and address so if he wants to chase this up, he can.

Typical misleading journo headline!

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