Welcome to Nepal

Welcome to Nepal

Monday, 28 August 2006


New kit

I have purchased an excellent guidebook on 'Trekking in the Nepal Himalaya' by Lonely Planet. This has answered most of my searching questions about what I have set out to complete next year. A few things have reared their head though. I need to purchase some extra equipment to make my trek comfortable. Years ago, when I served in the Territorial Army, one of the instructor's favourite sayings was: 'Any fool can be uncomfortable'. The key of course is to have good gear.

I will need to source a new four-season sleeping bag, some thermal underwear and a few extra pairs of double loop socks. I might also buy a multi-function watch that measures temperature, altitude etc and possibly a mini solar panel for charging up AA batteries for a headtorch and digital camera. For the clothing and bag, I will probably stick with the supplier I know best and have relied on for years of walking - Mountain Equipment. The items will be purchased nearer the time, if/when I pass the medical checks that will allow me on the expedition.

 I see the lady I spoke to for my initial booking is going with the rest of the team to Cho Oyu this week in preparation for next year. See weblink: www.xtreme-everest.co.uk/. I have noted the blog 'Feed' and will keep up to date with her progress.

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